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STABILJACK - The safest way to load spotted trailers. The most innovative and ergonomic way to stabilize spotted trailers in the last 40 years of U.S. truck dock operations.

Sudden and catastrophic landing gear collapse has plagued warehouse and distribution operations for years. The landing gear of trailers are subject to lots of abuse on the highways, including corrosion, and don't get adequate maintenance. These accidents happen without warning. They cause lost time injuries to personnel. They result in damaged trailers and product. Precious cargo may be expensive to replace or repackage. Some products can cause EPA spills and contamination. Needless to say they cause lost production time and missed appointments for deliveries at customer sites that can result in fines or lost contracts. Until now the standard industry best practice(recommended but not required by OSHA) has been to use a single, adjustable jack underneath the nose of the trailer. These don't provide the level of stabilization necessary to account for the eccentric loading that occurs while loading trailers.

Stabiljack is an innovative breakthrough in truck dock safety. It is easy to maneuver into place or store. Stabiljack employs a wide-spread, twin jack system with 100,000 lbs. of capacity that provides vastly superior stabilization than one jack. This two jack system easily tolerates the eccentric loading as well as rocking motion of trailers as they're loaded or unloaded by material handling equipment. The unit rolls easily into place by exerting only eight pounds of force. The twin jacks can be conveniently lowered or raised simultaneously by an onboard crank (M1 model) or a push button (M2 model). The positioning of the unit is done manually and guided by an onboard flag. The flag helps determine it's proper position in two axis. It also alerts backing tractors of the Stabiljack presence under the truck in daylight hours. Reflective tape and photoluminescent strips communicate presence in night operations. Onboard brakes prevent the unit from wondering on sloped approaches while the unit is stored.

Stabiljack has been in R&D, Beta testing and trial settings for the last three and a half years by industry professionals with a combined 75 years of truck dock sales and application experience. The family of products and their novel features are protected by multiple patents and/or patents pending. Product line extensions are underway that should see introductions in the first quarter of 2016 and beyond, in order to satisfy other customer exposures to accidents.

Stabiljack is quickly being accepted and purchased by customers in the paper, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive and 3PL operations and is becoming their corporate best practice in lieu of old methods.